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Hi my name is Susan Mills and I live in Halifax Nova Scotia.  I am a mixed media abstract artist.  Living in Nova Scotia all my life and spending alot of time outdoors in the forests and exploring the beaches in NS my artwork is influenced by water & nature. My artwork is unique because I use wire and paint to create 2D and 3D pieces of artwork.  The paint creates a bold backdrop to my wire sculptures and when light passes through the art it creates interesting shadows which adds another dimension to the artwork.  I frequently use gold flecks in my work to represent the sunlight shining on us in our world. I approach painting much like life; intuitive, fearless, and fun. The finished product always turns out more magical that way.   My goal is for my art to bring a smile to your face and add sparkle to your life and your surroundings.  Take a look at my store to see my nature inspired work and learn how to find specific pieces of original art for your home, office or cottage. Have an idea that isn't in my store ... commissions are welcome.



Creative Director

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