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My name is Susan Mills and I am a mixed media artist based in Halifax NS. My work features a unique combination of alcohol ink and wire sculpture techniques. Born in a small town in New Brunswick but raised in Nova Scotia, I discovered my passion for art at a young age and I have been creating ever since.


I started my art career an interior designer but decided to devote my interest to art full time however over time I began to feel limited by the two-dimensional nature of this medium. As I worked with alcohol ink, I began to explore other materials, one of which was wire. I use wire to create three-dimensional sculptures that complement my alcohol ink paintings, adding a unique touch to each piece. These sculptures range from minimal, whimsical creations to bold and intricate designs that showcase my skills as a wire artist.  I draw my inspiration from nature and the ocean. 









IMG_0890 (1)_edited.png
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